Why I’m Against Hate

I am of mixed-race ancestry.   I am white if you look at me, but underneath all of that, I am Cherokee Indian, Creek Indian, Shawnee Indian, Jewish, Portuguese, and African American.  I am diluted enough that my skin is that of a caucasian, thanks to Finnish, French, Ukranian, and German heritage as well.

I am an American.  A Heinz-57 mix of immigrants who came to America to escape religious persecution.  My German and Finnish ancestors came into Philadelphia to expand Lutheran faith.  My Jewish ancestor married an Eastern Cherokee.   Old Ned Sizemore (Sizemore Anglicized from the Norwegian Sisemore) was a Cherokee chief.  He was the first Native American land owner in Virginia.  Land owner meaning, he was the first recognized by the Commonwealth.

I am so proud of my heritage.  The different religions and races which have made the DNA inside me created what the world sees today.

To see the rampant anti-semitism, xenophobia, and hate rhetoric, it makes me very sad.  Especially those acts against the Jewish Community Centers.  Jewish Community Centers open their doors to EVERYONE.  Here in Pittsburgh, they host OUTrageous Bingo! which supports the Pittsburgh LGTBQ community.  I mean who doesn’t like drag shows, bingo, and bake sale goodies?   Plus the MC is absolutely HILARIOUS!

Desecration of grave sites because they have a Star of David, or a traditionally Jewish last name is disgusting.  For the President of the United States, who has created such a divide due to his exclusion and white nationalist hate speech, to not condemn these actions and pledge to prosecute those under the hate crime laws, he has done nothing to unite.   The President has  never taken a strong stance on the xenophobia and anti-semitism.   Since he started his campaign, more hate groups have popped up.  Hate crimes are on the rise.

Aziz Ansari said it best in his SNL monologue, there is a new KKK.  It is all the racist people who for years and years, kept quiet.  Now they are speaking up and lashing out.

Typically, if you aren’t racist, you don’t have to say you aren’t racist.   You really don’t have to say “I am the least racist person ever” to qualify yourself.  And I’ll be the first to admit, there are times when I say things which I don’t realize are racist.  I grew up in Southern West Virginia.  I am proof that it is taught.  I was blind for many years as to what was and wasn’t racist.  Now, I see that most of the things my father and grandfather said, were HUGELY racist.

The easiest example is Randy Moss.  At 13 yrs old when he was on trial for the fight that happened at DuPont High School, the media controlled the rhetoric.  Everyone thought the “Race Wars” at the high school, mere blocks from my junior high, were started by Randy and his friends.  We didn’t hear from Randy, we didn’t know his side.  Now, thanks to ESPN 30 for 30 “Rand University”, we are able to know the bias Randy was subjected to.  It makes me sad because I held things that happened in 1995 and 1996 for so long.

That was 20 years ago.  I see the same if not worse happening to our African American communities.  And by the President employing Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, both very racist by their own admission, as top advisors who will help shape policy is disgusting.

And don’t get me started on Milo Yiannopoulos and his disgusting opinions.


Author: sarahbethpenn

29 yr old WV native, NC transplant. Loves music, movies, books, comics, & nerdy things.

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