Soros Hasn’t Paid Me a Penny

Paid protesters:  it’s literally the dumbest thing to come out of the first congressional recess.

The claims of the representatives, the senators, and the president and his staffers are ridiculous.  Constituents are literally pissed off over cabinet picks, the Russian dossier, Steve Bannon’s seat in the White House and on the NSC, and Trump’s claim that the media, with the exception of Fox News, is fake news.  How can everyone, but the network who sides with Trump be fake?

Then there are the leaks.  Leaks which the President has said are real, but the news about them are fake.  Um, how can the leaked info be real, but the news reporting them be fake? It’s an oxymoron, from a certifiable moron.

The President has said that the people going to the town halls are not the republicans who voted for him and the representatives…  No they aren’t going to be just the people who voted for them.  A representative and senator still have to represent and listen to the people who didn’t vote for them within their district or state.  That’s the most ignorant thing ever.  Saying that because I didn’t vote for Keith Rothfus (R) or Pat Toomey (R), that they do not have to listen to me.  Wrong.

Speaking of Toomey and Rothfus, neither held town halls. In Harrisburg, four hours away from Pittsburgh, angry constituents held a town hall without Toomey.  Rothfus has been in office for 4 years, and has NEVER held a town hall.  He actually dodged 130 constituents outside his office this week.

Now these are two of my members of Congress.  Bob Casey (D) listens to constituents.  Bob Casey meets with people.  Bob Casey is also up for re-election next year.  He’s not slated to have a strong opposition.  His position is not seen as vulnerable.  And with his leading opponent a republican state representative, which, the republicans in PA have made it harder for citizens to access benefits like unemployment compensation, I don’t see Rick Saccone having a strong base due to what’s happening in our state and our country.

When you dismiss or discount the voices speaking out, you are ultimately saying you don’t care.  If you want to be a public servant, then you have to listen to what those who voted for you say.

It is completely ridiculous to say that people are being bussed into town halls from out of state.  Is there organization behind getting people to speak out? Yes, and that’s ok.  The Tea Party movement was organized.   It’s actually a good thing for movements to be organized.  This helps a base grow and unifies a message.   Just because a movement is organized, doesn’t mean they are being paid.  I’m not paid for speaking out.  It’s a ludicrous claim.

As ludicrous as 3 million illegal voters.


“That’s what I was told.  I saw it somewhere.”  Just stupid.


Author: sarahbethpenn

29 yr old WV native, NC transplant. Loves music, movies, books, comics, & nerdy things.

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